Olivia Johnston Enterprises, INC.


Welcome to www.OliviaJohnston.org the official website of Olivia Johnston Enterprises, Inc.


You will find information on how your Language needs can be met by way of Interpreting and/ or Translating.  We Interpret face to face, over the phone, by Video Chat or any other verbal way you require.  We translate documents, articles, personal letters, notarized letters, etc.


We offer the following Services:




Seminars & Workshops


Career Training

State Exam Preparation



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Our Office is located at 4129 Main St. Ste. 301-C, Riverside, CA 92501

Office Tel: (951)779-0007    Fax: (951)779-0033

email: oliviajohnston@sbcglobal.net

All Languages Professional Interpretation & Translation